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Kingdom Two Crowns and its Feudal Japan Inspiration

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Today Kingdom Two Crowns is launching on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass, the next installment in the award-winning micro-strategy series. We introduce a brand-new campaign mode which moves away from the roguelike element that we had in previous iterations. By making this shift it opened the opportunity to expand the games experience and choices having longer and bigger impacts to your Kingdom. It also created the narrative to allow the player to renew their reign over their Kingdom as a new ruler who inherits it in decay and must repair and continue the plight against the Greed. And ultimately finding a means to defeat the Greed for good!

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns

Another major addition to Kingdom Two Crowns is the opportunity to play together. This cooperative experience is available both online with your friends on Xbox Live or offline as classic couch co-op. You can drop in or out at your own will, making it easy to get assistance from a friend at any time.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

And Kingdom Two Crowns is just the start of a long journey. We plan to expand the game with post-release updates that will venture to new exotic locations across the world. On day one of release, you’ll be able to jump into Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun, a new setting inspired by the landscape, architecture, and culture of feudal Japan.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

For me personally, this setting is very close to my heart. Being a kid in the 80s, I was fascinated by video games, especially the wave of Japanese games that I fed with quarters in the arcade. Growing up in Hawaii is a melting pot with Polynesian, American, and Japanese culture. For me, the love for Japanese culture extended beyond the games, I was mesmerized by the serenity and the pure dedication to work. Looking back, it made sense to bring the feudal Japanese setting to Kingdom Two Crowns. Both aesthetics and gameplay, plus my desire to make a game in this colorful period made for a perfect match.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

When developing Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun, we traveled to Japan for inspiration to make sure we not only drew the right inspiration from the architecture but also the feeling and atmosphere. As you travel throughout the lands you experience different seasons and environments that evoke emotions of tranquility along the frantic nights when the Greed appears to take everything you have earned.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

Some of the details that will immerse you and naturally make you think differently is the density of the bamboo forests. Instantly your strategy changes as you try to expand your Kingdom you battle not only the Greed, but the thickness of the bamboo forest.

Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two Crowns

We hope you’ll enjoy playing Kingdom Two Crowns, solo or with a friend, and join us on the journey as we update Kingdom Two Crowns with more settings during 2019.

Kingdom Two Crowns is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. It is also available today for Xbox Game Pass members and is part of the ID@Xbox Winter of Arcade event.

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