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Instagram will finally let you mute your friends

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Your prayers have been answered, dear internet user. Facebook’s (FB) Instagram is finally adding a long pined-for mute button to help you shut up your annoying friends on the social network without also totally alienating them.

Facebook itself has had a mute option for some time now in the form of its Unfollow button, which lets you stay friends with someone on the social network without having to read all of their political screeds, see yet another picture of their baby or read a political screed written by their baby.

Instagram’s feature works in much the same way and should be available in the coming weeks.

When it finally launches you’ll simply have to tap the menu button, an ellipse, in the top right corner of a person’s post. That will pull up a menu that lets you do things like report posts, and unfollow users.

Tap mute and from there you’ll be able to mute either posts, stories or both.

Now you can finally get back to enjoying Instagram again.

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