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Infinity Weekend Playlist: New to Infinity in May

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Viveport Infinity is constantly adding value to your membership as new titles are added to the subscription library every month. With unlimited access to our growing library, your Viveport Infinity journey will never get stale or repetitive.

We sifted through all titles added to Infinity in May and have curated a list of our favorites below. Remember to check out the “New to Infinity” filter on Viveport to stay on top of the latest releases and updates.

Beyond the Wall – HBO and Framestore

Available for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift headsets exclusively through Viveport Infinity, you’ll journey north of the Wall in this new, 7-minute immersive VR experience based on the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones. Created by Framestore in partnership with HBO, this riveting game transports users to the northern border of The Seven Kingdoms to fight and defend The Wall.

Gun Club VR – The Binary Mill

Experience addictive gameplay and unsurpassed realism in the virtual weapon simulator Gun Club VR. Developed with real-world ballistics, you’ll handle, load, cock and fire a variety of authentically rendered firearms in fun and interactive range scenarios. Save hostages, take on the undead in a zombie apocalypse, or simply practice your target shooting in a classic range environment to hone your skills with a variety of famous modern and historical weapons.

RUSH – The Binary Mill

In RUSH, you’ll strap into a wingsuit and blast off at high speed in a blood pumping races through the skies. Soar down mountainsides at incredible speeds, weave through canyons, and dodge outcrops as you plummet towards the finish line. Test your skills in a variety of beautiful environments and tracks featuring real-time weather, and compete in a variety of challenges and modes. When you’ve become a lord of the skies, take to online matches and beat your friends and foes in an aerial ballet of epic proportions.

Rhythm Defender – Gameplay Studio VR

A unique fitness rhythm game for VR, Rhythm Defender will get your heart rate up as you protect Earth from invading UFOs. Destroy these hostile UFOS and their mothership as you dance to the beat of 10 original tracks or your own synced playlist.

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