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Immortalize Your Pooch: New Startup Offers 3D Printed Pet Figurines

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The Calgary-based company GravityB 3D is using a 60-camera 3D scanning system to create life-like 3D printed figurines of pets and people.

For most animal owners, their dog or cat is much more than just a pet, but an integral part of the family. GravityB 3D, a new startup out of Calgary, Canada, is immortalizing man’s best friend with 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.

GravityB 3D offers 3D printed models of pets, people, and even people with their pets. The models range anywhere from 3 inches to 9 inches in size. Lo and behold, these miniature figurines offer a heart-warming and accurate replica of your beloved dog or cat.

Brian Burke, managing director of GravityB 3D, recently told CBC News that the models aren’t action figures, but resemble fine china. He initially launched the pet photography and 3D printing business a few years ago.

“We’ve owned a dog daycare for 14 years. I have been doing pet photography for about 11 years. About two years ago, I came across the idea of doing 3D prints. I’ve spent the last two years to get to this point,” he said.

Growing From 24 to 60 Camera Systems, GravityB 3D Gets Tails Wagging

Since its launch, the company has grown immensely. Starting with a 24-camera system, GravityB 3D has slowly expanded to 36 cameras and now a 60-camera system.

Many skittish pets don’t tend to sit still unless a treat is dangled above their noses. However, the higher number of cameras allow Burke to record images more rapidly. Indeed, fast motion such as the wagging tail of an excited puppy can lead to poor rendering of 3D scans. This makes the capturing speed of the 3D scanning system extremely important to the end-product.

GravityB 3D also uses special tools to get dogs to engage such as squeaky toys or treats. Burke adds that he also has toys available that are filled with peanut butter, offering an instant treat to pets on their best behavior. The former dog daycare owners have experience keeping these animals calm and collected, a critical factor in obtaining quality scans.

“It takes a little bit to get the dog comfortable in this environment, but it’s a fast process. If you know how to get the dog to pose and your timing is good, then I am pretty much guaranteed to get a really good pose,” he adds.

Currently, prices for a human 3D printed figurine start at $125, while dogs cost around $150. It takes about four weeks to complete the final model once the photos of are finished.

“You can have your dog forever. You have your dog with you when you’re not with your dog. You can bring your dog to work with you, you can bring your dog on a trip with you,” Burke said.

Even more importantly, the 3D figurines are a great way to immortalize and cherish your beloved furry family member after it passes away.

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