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i.Materialise Adds New Untreated Brass to Finishing Options

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i.materialise is adding untreated brass to its range of finishing options – print your designs in basic brass without polish, coating or plating to give them a vintage look.

If you’re 3D printing jewelry or miniatures and want to create a vintage appearance, you’ll be interested to hear about i.materialise’s most recent addition to their range of finishing options – untreated brass.

With this new finishing option, you can print your creations in basic brass. This means you can choose no polishing, coating or plating. However, this can lead to more patina and even damage than if you choose to add a different finish.

The material, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, has a very old school appearance which will oxidize over time. i.Materialise also point out that this option is more affordable than other options when it comes to 3D printing in brass. This is due to the lack of plating or coating.

New Material and Reduced Lead Times from i.Materialise

If you choose untreated brass, it’s worth remembering that it will not receive a PU coating. This means it is not protected against oxidation or scratches. You will also be able to see the printing lines.

i.Materialise add that brass is very versatile and they offer it in a variety of other colors and plating. Reasons for choosing brass may be to form-fit before ordering in gold or silver due to the significant price difference.

However, it is also regularly used to print detailed miniatures, sculptures, and jewelry. But, if you’re now worried about scratches, there are over 20 different material options available to peruse instead.

Another important change happening at i.Materialise is their reduction of lead times for aluminum – they’re now shipping in 12 business days. They’ve also reduced titanium lead times which are now down to 11 business days.

Keep in mind that although untreated brass is an affordable option, the price is affected by the volume of your print. Visit the company’s website to find out more about the options available to you.

Source: i.Materialise Press Release

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