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How To Watch Batman Ninja This Week

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Batman Ninja is one of the craziest takes on Batman we’ve ever seen. The Japanese movie pits Batman against the Joker and a whole host of other allies and enemies in feudal Japan thanks to a time machine built by Gorilla Grodd. It’s completely insane, and unlike any other take on Batman.

And good news! Batman Ninja’s release date has arrived. You can watch the movie beginning this week when it releases on digital platforms April 24. Right now you can pre-order the digital version of Batman Ninja on Amazon, iTunes, or even PlayStation, where PS Plus members can get a 10% discount.

Batman Ninja will be available on many digital platforms worldwide, including the US and UK, starting April 24. But what about a physical release? Don’t you want to hold a Batman Ninja Blu-ray disc lovingly in your hands the way a young Bruce Wayne clutched his dying parents’ hands? More good news: Batman Ninja gets a physical release on Blu-ray and DVD May 8 in the US and May 14 in the UK. You can pre-order it on Amazon if you want. Other regions’ physical versions will also come out between May 9 and May 30, according to the movie’s IMDB page.

And lastly, if you happen to find yourself in Japan this summer, you can catch Batman Ninja in theaters there starting June 15. (Why this Japanese Batman film is hitting Japan after every other region is anyone’s guess.)

If you’re wondering whether you should watch Batman Ninja at all, read this excerpt from our review:

“Batman Ninja isn’t just a fascinating new take on Batman, with character designs by iconic Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. The movie’s real fun comes from the violent collision of Batman universe gadgets and characters, over the top anime style action, and the setting of feudal Japan. These disparate elements come together in endless surprising ways, from the Batmobile speeding through the streets and alleys of historic Japanese villages, to the Joker–green hair tied back in a distinctive top knot–whipping out a minigun in the middle of a watery ship-to-ship battle.”

Did you enjoy Batman Ninja as much as we did? let us know in the comments below.

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