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How to Master Every Battlefield V Soldier Class on Wake Island

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These are exciting times here at Dice! We’ve just released our reimagining of one of the most (oh, all right, the most) classic map in Battlefield history: Wake Island. Battlefield veterans will remember this Pacific battleground from Battlefield 1942 and it’s seen a few incarnations in other titles, too.

The design of this horseshoe-shaped classic has treated us to many frantic multiplayer matches throughout the years. Now, with the help of modern tech, we’ve been able to design Wake Island as we’ve always imagined it. Wake Island 2019 is larger, built for better pacing, and supports new Battlefield V features like Fortifications.

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Wake Island features
fights across land, air, and sea, but we thought we’d look closer at infantry
combat specifically in this post. Here are a few pointers from our Level
Designer Shashank Uchil on how to best play the four classes – Assault,
Support, Medic, and Recon – when attacking or defending as the U.S. or Japan in
this lush but hostile environment. 

Battlefield V - Wake Island

Playing Assault on Wake Island

If left unchecked, enemy vehicles could
quickly turn the tide of the battle of Wake Island. You don’t want that to
happen! If you’re playing as Assault, prioritize taking out the numerous tanks
and planes. Use gadgets like the Panzerfaust, AT Mines, and Sticky Dynamite to
bring down tanks and stationary weapons like the AA Guns to rid the skies of

Battlefield V - Wake Island

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Playing Support on Wake Island

Supports should prioritize building
Fortifications to keep the enemy side’s tanks and transport vehicles in check.
This is also a great class for holding the opposing team back using the
trenches found across the map. Lay down suppressive fire with the mighty
machine guns and you will be a great asset to your squad and team.

Battlefield V - Wake Island

Playing Medic on Wake Island

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Naturally, keeping teammates alive and well is
key to playing Medic, especially on such an intense map as this. Keep laying
down medpacks and look for (safe) revive opportunities. Furthermore, Medics
would be advised to switch between long-range and short-range weapons based on
where they are. When moving between flags, it’s wise to swap to a long-range
weapon, but while close to a control point and the close-quarter combat ranges
found by it, choose a high rate-of-fire weapon.

Battlefield V - Wake Island

Playing Recon on Wake Island

Recons have one true love: the high ground!
Playing as this class, you will find some form of tower near every flag on Wake
Island. You can also climb the hotel, hangar, air tower, and fuel tanks to get
a great view of the map. Be careful though – these locations are a primary
target for other players, too.

There you have it! Whatever class you choose,
we hope you have fun on Wake Island and that you (re)discover the frantic
sandbox gameplay this timeless design caters to.

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