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How To Fix Your PC Hardware Issues

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Picture this—you’re playing a game and about to pull off a headshot when all of a sudden—BAM!—it crashes to the desktop without warning. Fine, maybe it’s sloppy code on the part of the developer, but then it happens again, and in a different game this time. Uh oh, something’s wrong.

You decide it’s a sign that you should be finishing that PowerPoint presentation you’ve been working on instead of playing games, so you ignore the issue. But as you load up the program, your PC restarts itself. What is going on? Do you have a bad stick of RAM? Possibly, or maybe your graphics card is dying. All you know is that something is ailing your PC, you just don’t know what.

Well, we are here to help. Just as a doctor can run an X-ray to see a broken bone or an MRI to determine ligament damage, there are ways of determining if a component is toast. Here’s how.

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