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Haptic 3D Modeling Software Anarkik3D Design Version 3.1 is Now Available

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Anarkik3D’s latest software for 3D printing, Anarkik3D Design 3.1, enables you to touch and feel 3D qualities of your design using the Falcon mouse system.

If you’re a jewelry designer or work in the fashion industry, Anarkik3D has released a new version of 3D design software which is aimed at you. The software creates haptic 3D designs which allows you to go deeper into the 3D model.

Anarkik3D Design 3.1 now added support for the 3D mouse system, which provides the user with physical feedback on the designs. The idea is that this enables you to create free-flowing 3D objects such as artistic pieces. It’s very different from most 3D CAD systems.

When working on a new idea, when else do you bump into your design or feel your model as you move your cursor around in the 3D space?

Anarkik3D Design

Features of Anarkik3D Design 3.1

For the new software, Anarkik3D explain that many interface operations have been simplified significantly. For example, by making it more straightforward to use and providing the ability to create geometric shapes which you can then manipulate.

As well as this, you can increase or decrease mesh complexity. Now, this process is a lot easier and chopping up the 3D mesh occurs far more rapidly. You can also change the hardness and softness of objects and the colors easily.

Anarkik3D’s Design software is great for artists, jewelry designers and those working in the fashion industry. In fact, the website describes the software as a “3D modelling system for applied artists and designer-makers.”

After creating a design, the software supports .stl, .3DS, .OBJ and .wrl files. You can then 3D print these designs to create functional pieces or prototypes.

The Anarkik3D Design 3.1 will cost you $550. However, the company points out that this will raise at the end of this month. As well as the software, you’ll also have to buy the Falcon haptic device for $249. Visit the Anarkik3D website to find out more.

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Anarkik3D Design

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