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Happy Dungeon’s PSN Store PS4 Gameplay

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Happy Dungeon’s PSN Store PS4 Gameplay

Work together as a party of 4 and tear through the Dungeons in this free-to-play action RPG!

Happy Dungeons is an action RPG packed with mind-blowing combat and cooperative multiplayer fun. Play online or fire up 2 or more controllers and enjoy 4 player split-screen with your friends and family!

Features include a clever, lighthearted story teeming with charming characters, atmospheric Dungeons and a world like nothing you’ve ever seen! With so much to look forward to, we promise it’ll leave you feeling Happy! That’s not all. With over 1500 equipment items in the game, you have complete control over how your character looks, feels and plays! So, grab your pals and hit the Dungeons!


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