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Halloween Week in Grand Theft Auto Online

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As Halloween season hits fever pitch this week, things are out-of-this-world unusual in GTA Online. Halloween-themed vehicles, masks, and more can be found throughout the streets and alleys of Los Santos. And there are reports of hikers ingesting peyote plants and undergoing transformational spirit quests in the heights of the Tataviam Mountains.

GTAO Halloween Surprise

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, players can take home double rewards when it comes to all of the bloodiest, most gruesome Adversary Modes, including the Halloween Bunker Series, Slasher, Slashers, Lost vs. Damned, Condemned, Come Out to Play and Beast vs. Slasher.

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GTAO Halloween Surprise

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Meanwhile, there are whispers that a downed unidentified flying object has been hauled off to Fort Zancudo for testing. Most of the information is redacted, but the basics are simple: work together in this new Business Battle to take out the Merryweather agents and then haul whatever extraterrestrial gear you can grab to Omega’s shack, ASAP.

Plus, just to sweeten the pot: win any Business Battle this week and you’ll get the Cultstoppers Tee as an added bonus.

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