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GTA V wont start error code (CE-34878-0), Sony is invastigating!

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So we are reading much about the error right now, and some of our Crew can’t play to, that sucks hell!!

We found some User’s that said playing Offline may solve the issue to, the same as reseting the console and installing the FW fresh from USB:

User muuuri from PlayStation Forums:

seems to be psn prob – offline you can play story mode 


And it’s not only GTA that is affecting it:

I’ve been getting this on NBA 2K14 since this evening.

The game is completely unplayable. I know it’s happened with other games for people and it happened to me on Battlefield yesterday but seems to be working okay today.

Still, if games are going to become unplayable, what is the point of owning a games console?

From User Warrdon7 on PlayStation Forums

1st i had problem with loading story when it stuck at 90% now i cant even get to my character, game just freeze and then crash when show city from up camera when try to load my character or something like that, and after crash i cant even turn off console or game its freeze and i need to force turn it off. Can someone say me what i need to do to stop it and play normal game wich i buyed for 60euro.

We can give u the following advice by now, get the LAN Cable off, or switch off WiFi , try the Game that is not working Offline, if it’s not working, delete the game from the main menu, and also all the game data from the ps4!

If this won’t help , get your self the try of a reset, A Full Reset and ReInstall of the Firmware can help in many cases:

Firmware Download Links:

Latest Version: 2.02

An update to the PlayStation®4 system software was released on November 11th, 2014. You can use this to update your system software to version 2.02.

A PS4™ system software update is required to use PSNSM features and some features on your system. Also, by updating the system software of your PS4™ system, you can enjoy various additional features and enhanced security. Always update to the latest version.

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