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GTA V Tutorail – How to play as a Fish and more Crazy Rumors Solved!

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So as GTA V is now out for more than a week we tought of getting some good videos together for you folks to check out some of the Rumors going on right now in Los Santos!

First of let us start with the ‚Monkey Mosaic Graffiti‘ Mission:

Guide video showing how to unlock the exclusive Go Go Monkey Blista and the Monkey Outfits with all the locations for the „Monkey Mosaics“ Collectibles in Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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Play as a Fish:

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Play as any Animal:

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Read on for the Jetpack Mistery!!

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All Graphics Comparision Rumors should be solved with this Video, until the PC Version 😉

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I’m going to use this thread as a collection of all the information we’ve found so far regarding the secret of Mt. Chiliad, whatever that secret may be.

Feel free to post any ideas you have about all of this, and remember there are likely to be spoilers here. You’ve been warned!

A few things to note:

  • You need 100% game completion to unlock most of the things in this thread
  • 100% game saves can be found in the stickied thread
  • This thread contains major spoilers for easter eggs that appear once you reach 100%. If you want to stumble on these things yourself, turn away now

GTAForums threads

Jetpack Hunt – The thread where the two solid UFOs were found
I think I found something – The thread where the Mt. Chiliad UFO was first discovered

Try not to follow any external links on GTAF, there’s been people purposely trying to get people to click on websites that lead to porn and other BS

The Map (where it all started!)

The map appears to be a picture of Mt. Chiliad with a UFO or an eye at the top, with lightning surrounding it. The lightning is how people figured out it has to be storming for the UFO to appear.

On the bottom there is another picture of a UFO, as well as a cracked egg, and what appears to be a stick figure wearing a jetpack.

The map appears in „the shed“, aka the lift station at the top of Mt. Chiliad. You can get there by going to the other lift station in Paleto Bay, it’s due west of the peak of Mt. Chiliad, on the coast.

The Viewing Platform on Mt. Chiliad

There is a little viewing platform on Mt. Chiliad that has a few notable things on and around it.

First, there is an image of a UFO/eye underneath of it, painted in red.

Second, „Come back when your story is complete“ is written on the back, indicating that you need 100% game completion (you musthave 100% completion, not just the story completed)

This is also where you need to stand in order to encounter the first UFO sighting.

The First UFO Sighting

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The first sighting occurs while standing on the platform with the two telescopes at the top of Mt. Chiliad.

The first person to find this was a user on GTAForums [link]

There are three conditions that must be met:

  • You must have 100% game completion
  • It must be storming (not raining) – the weather cheat can be used to make it storm and make the UFO appear
  • You must let the clock hit 3 AM

Once the UFO appears, it will stay there as long as you’re on the peak. I’m not sure if it will be there when you come back, you may have to retrigger it.

Things we know about this UFO:

  • It’s not solid, it appears to be a hologram. Bullets and rockets go right through it
  • Walking away from the platform causes the UFO to disappear. First the „model“ of the UFO will disappear, and then the lights will turn off, one by one, the further away from the platform you get
  • It has „FIB“ written on it
  • This UFO is identical to another UFO talked about below

Solid UFOs

„Solid“ just means the UFO is not a hologram like the one on Mt. Chiliad. You can land on them, shoot them, etc.

The same things are true for all solid UFOs:

  • Getting too close will cause your engines in your helicopter or plane to cut off, and the UFO will make a special noise to indicate that you got too close
  • You can land on them if you fly above them at the right height and angle, and once you get out you can walk around
  • Walking towards the center of the UFOs will cause you to fly up in the air and your parachute will be equipped
  • Each UFO seems to have some sort of force field protecting it from harm. When you walk on the UFO, you are actually walking on its force field, not on the UFO itself.
  • They are invisible until you get close enough to them, meaning they have some sort of cloaking device. This makes finding more UFOs a lot harder, unfortunately.

The FIB / „Hippy Camp“ / Sandy Shores UFO

This is the same UFO that appears above Mt. Chiliad, but it is solid and can actually be landed on with a helicopter, and can be walked around on.



This UFO is at the very highest altitude, right above the „hippy camp“. The hippy camp is a small little park with art made from concrete and paint, with lots of references to UFOs and aliens.

It is my belief that this UFO was intended to be the first one found, but was actually found second after the Zancudo one by a member at GTAForums. The fact that it’s above all the alien references and the fact that it’s the same as the one that appears above Mt. Chiliad is what makes me think it was supposed to be the first.

Things we know:

  • It has FIB written on it
  • The hatch on the bottom opens and closes, shining a beam of light downwards

Things I’ve personally tried:

  • Parachuting into the beam while it was on
  • Shooting rockets into the hatch when it’s open
  • Landing on it/walking on it

Nothing interesting happened when I tried all of that.

Special note about the Hippy Camp: The hippy camp is full of references to aliens which may have something to do with interacting with the FIB UFO.

  • Two glyphs can be found, one with a picture of a UFO with a rain cloud under it, and another with a UFO with a moon below it, with 3 marks in between the UFO and the moon, which could be the UFO’s „tractor beam“ or it could mean 3 AM (pics coming soon)
  • A reference to the Wow! signal is here
  • A station wagon with a flying saucer on top is parked on a red circle
  • The words „Beam me up!“ are found here
  • There are strange markings all around the park which could be translated to get some sort of message

There’s a lot more there but I’ll let others check it out. Remember the hippy camp is directly below where the FIB UFO appears.

My thoughts: I think we need to get the UFO to abduct us some how, and the clues at the hippy camp are how to trigger it.

The Fort Zancudo AFB UFO

This was the first solid UFO found.

How it was found:

Strange lights appear on a bunker in Ft. Zancudo, starting at around 2 AM. At 3 AM the lights turn all the way on, and the lights spin until about 4 AM and then cut off. The UFO was found by flying directly above the location of the bunker with the lights.

A video of the lights:

The location of the bunker and the UFO:

Locating the UFO: Simply fly at about 3/4s of the maximum altitude around the marked location in the image above to find the UFO.

Pictures and video of the UFO:

Trevors All Seying Eye Tattoo


BONUS VIDEO, REAL GTA V Wild Life Documentary!

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What do you think?

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