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Grounded’s First Content Update Gives Players the Bird

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The team responsible for Grounded at Obsidian Entertainment are excited to release the first monthly update for the game today! With this update we are introducing a new way to enhance your character, more options to decorate your base, a new piece of armor, new quests types from BURG.L, and a new visitor to the backyard.

First up are player perks. While exploring the backyard you can unlock perks which cause small mutations to your character. With these mutations, you can cut grass faster, increase health, improve defenses, and more. Players can have up to three mutations equipped at any time, and we plan to introduce more over the course of Game Preview.

For builders, we have added fences, tables, and a new resting spot. The Sprig Fence and Acorn Picket Fence will both add a nice decorative touch to the outside of your home, while the Grass Table and Clover Table will help bring the interior together. If you want a more comfortable night of sleep, you are now able to make a bed.

Crafting a bed requires a new ingredient that can be found from a new visitor in the backyard: the bird! And if you are looking to spice up your outfit and bow attacks, a new Marksman’s Cap can be crafted from the feathers of the bird. The biggest creature in the backyard has arrived. How will this play into the adventure of the backyard?  Find out in this and future updates for Grounded.

To learn more about the details of each of these new additions to the backyard and more, check out the latest Grounded Developer Vlog on the Obsidian YouTube Channel.

Grounded is available now on Xbox Game Preview, Game Pass, Windows 10 Store, and Steam Early Access for $29.99.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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