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Grounded Insects Take Flight

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In today’s update for Grounded, we are bringing flying insects into the backyard, with mosquitos, fireflies, and bees landing in the world. The team has wanted to bring flying creatures into Grounded for some time, as it was a top community request for our ever-evolving backyard.

As the population of creatures in Grounded grows with these new additions, there will be even more items for players to craft. For this update, Bee Armor, a Firefly Head Lamp, and the rapier-like Mosquito Needle are all new recipes that players will be able to research and craft once they have taken down the new bugs. But that’s not all! Players are now able to craft a shield from weevil parts which allow players to block attacks that previously could not be blocked.

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Along with the new creatures and crafting recipes, some new quality of life features have been implemented. Per community feedback, equipped items will no longer take up inventory space and instead take up equipped item slots. Not only that, when a player dies, all equipped items will remain on the character, making the journey back to their backpack to retrieve their items less arduous.

We hope players love these insects and updates as much as we loved creating them! As always, we hope to hear what our community thinks of these new creatures as we continue to build on our Xbox Game Preview experience together.

To learn more about the details of each of these new additions to the backyard, check out the latest Grounded Developer Vlog on the Obsidian YouTube Channel.

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Grounded is available now on Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass.

The Grounded Public Test Returns Jan. 20!
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