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Grand Theft Auto VI is coming to PS5!

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Today we’re going to look at some new rumors that suggest the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming to the PlayStation 5. We’ll also look at other rumors that are helping us build an idea of how Rockstar plans to top themselves with the next release in their ongoing series.

Since it released, Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 52 million copies across all of the platforms it was released on. In terms of sales, that’s ridiculous. Given that number, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rockstar Games is going to release Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rumors have been spreading since GTA V was first released and they continue to persist even after the game came to PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar is still adding new content to the fifth game in the series, but people are clamoring for the next game.

Grand Theft Auto VI is coming to PS5!

Originally people were hoping that GTA VI would show up in a few years, but several rumors have suggested that Rockstar doesn’t plan on doing anything with the series until 2020. For starters, Leslie Benzies, the President of Rockstar North (Developers of GTA), left the company and doesn’t plan on returning.

Leslie was integral in the development of the Grand Theft Auto games, so this departure could easily set back the timetables. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any rumors, but people are saying that now we won’t see a new GTA until 2020 which would put it right in line with the PS5 release we’ve predicted. Can you say launch title?

On top of Leslie’s departure, a game like GTA takes a long time develop. Rockstar has never released a broken game, and that’s because they always take a “when it’s done” approach. We also need to consider the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in holiday of 2018, so this has likely been their primary focus for some time.

With Red Dead released, it would make sense for Rockstar to ramp up work on the next Grand Theft Auto title, but depending on how far along they may be internally, many are speculating we won’t see the new entry until 2020 at the earliest, which also happens to be when we expect to see the PS5.

Even if the new game releases on the current generation of consoles, we know from experience that Rockstar is capable of porting their games to the next generation, which is something we saw from GTA V. Either way you slice it, Rockstar will eventually do another game in their beloved series, it’s just a matter of when. From what we can tell, it will line up with the release of the PS5.

Rockstar has been known to expand on their worlds and Grand Theft Auto V was their biggest world yet. How are they going to top this one, you ask?

The World of Grand Theft Auto Six

Leslie Benzies in 2012 said in an interview with Adam Rosenberg quote:

“at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context reimagining Vice City would be very interesting.”

Piggybacking off this quote, The Know also received some very interesting information from an anonymous source about the plans for GTA VI. While these are purely rumors, they have said that the source was reputable enough to report on the information.

For starters, the new Grand Theft Auto is code named “Project Americas” and is rumored to be based in Miami, or a fictional version of it. This points towards a return to Vice City, but the actual city of Miami does exist in the GTA universe as well, so it could also take place there.

The name “Project Americas,” refers to a rumored mechanic where players will be able to fly between the United States and South America to perform missions. This would make a lot of sense, given the massive drug trade and smuggling that happened between Colombia and the United States during the 1980s and the reign of Pablo Escobar.

Check out the full episode of The Know’s report on GTA VI below:

A Female Lead Character? Why Not…

After the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the co-writer of the game, Dan Houser, did an interview with The Guardian about the future of the series. During this interview, they asked him about future games featuring a female lead character. His response was this:

“In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course, we just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things we always think about.”

That female lead could be played by Eva Mendes according to new reports. This rumor comes from another that suggests Ryan Gosling is going to be the lead male protagonist in the new game.

While it’s not clear how Eva’s name became attached to the rumors. Speculation suggests that it could be Ryan’s relationship with her, or her attachment to the “Fast and Furious” series. I think it’s about time to switch things up and do a female perspective, and I’m not the only one.

Current Story Rumors

Grand Theft Auto V had a unique story that included three interwoven characters. Thus far rumors on GTA VI’s story have been slim, but one rumor has come to light that suggests Rockstar is planning on including natural disasters as part of the next game.

Things like Earthquakes, Tornadoes, or perhaps even wildfires could add a lot of dynamic to the game. If Ryan Gosling’s character is a cop and Eva Mendes’ is a criminal, that could also add another layer to the gameplay.

It’s hard to predict a story as large as the kind that appears in GTA, but these small elements we’ve heard about thus far are suggesting some very interesting directions for the new game.

5 Things We Want to See From Grand Theft Auto VI

While the next Grand Theft Auto is still a ways out, there’s no stopping speculation, and we have some things we would like to see from the next entry in Rockstar’s flagship series. It’s true that the game will probably be incredible regardless, but we wouldn’t mind if they borrowed some of these ideas:

1. A Brand New Location

While there’s been plenty of hype and speculation about returning to Vice City, let’s be honest here: that hype is fueled by nostalgia. Would I love to see a next-gen Vice City? Yes, of course, but part of the excitement in GTA is exploring brand new maps that dwarf the size of other open-world games.

Instead of revisiting a previous location, I would like to see Rockstar take us somewhere new. The possibility of a South American setting would be very interesting. With the success of the Just Cause series, it could be an option.

Or, we could make the leap to Europe for once. You may think that sounds crazy, but let’s not forget that in the early days of the series, Rockstar once took GTA to London.

I would even settle for a new city in America. Something like Chicago, or Boston would be a fresh new take for the series.

2. A New Time Period

For the most part, Grand Theft Auto has been a game set in the modern era. While Vice City took us to the 80’s, I would like to see the series go back even further. For example, a setting in Chicago during the peak of the mafia would be an amazing step forward for the series.

We could rub shoulders with the likes of Al Capone and other great gangsters. Imagine if Rockstar offered their take on a classic mafia storyline. We’ve seen it done in the Mafia series, but this time period could really be elevated by the talented people working on GTA VI.

Or hey, maybe we could go into the future. It doesn’t have to be full science fiction, but a Grand Theft Auto that predicts the problems of the near future could be a great way for the series to flex its political satire and social commentary it’s known for.

3. Support for VR

I imagine that if Grand Theft Auto VI supported VR, that most people would never leave their homes. While this doesn’t seem like a very high possibility on current VR tech, the PS5 will most likely introduce the next generation of PlayStation VR, which will most likely have the horsepower to support a game like GTA.

We already have Skyrim in VR, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds. With a similarly large title like GTA VI, virtual reality could have the mainstream support it needs to truly flourish.

4. More Interaction With The World

Grand Theft Auto V has no shortage of things to do. There are numerous activities that range from small things like tennis, to larger ventures and side missions. We’ve never been wishing for more content in a GTA game, but there’s relatively little interaction with the world itself.

Yes, you can go into specific shops and houses, but I would like to see Rockstar expand on the interior environments and let us explore more of the world beyond the surface level. More shops and houses would be nice, but what about destructible environments?

What if we could take down a skyscraper or level a neighborhood? It sounds pretty crazy, but there could be serious consequences for the story if you start leveling entire blocks. At the very least, it would improve the playground of destruction Rockstar has already established.

5. First-Person Options at Launch

When GTA V added the option to play in first-person, a lot of gamers found their new way to play the game. Having this option really opens up the experience to more gamers, so I’m hoping it becomes a standard feature when GTA VI launches.

The option for first-person would also lend itself nicely to VR, so they could kill two birds with one stone in this regard.

Your Turn to Predict!

Now it’s time to give you a shot. Tell us what you think about these rumors and possibilities for GTA VI on the PS5! If you come up with some wild rumors, who knows, maybe we’ll feature your comment in a future article update?

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