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Gramazon: Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into a Gramophone with 3D Printing

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Recently purchased an Amazon Echo Dot but not in love with its eerie futuristic attitude? Maker Baard Fleistad has created the Gramazon, a 3D printable gramophone attachment to give your AI device a 1920s makeover.

Small, black, and round, the Amazon Echo Dot is an inconspicuous addition to the household, that is until it hears anything akin to its name being called. If you’re someone who wishes they could go back to the days where people were swing dancing around a blaring gramophone, then you may be interested in giving your Amazon Echo Dot a 1920s makeover.

Baard Fleistad, self-proclaimed as “some Norwegian nerd who lives in Florida”, has come up with a 3D printable design to spruce up your Echo Dot with class. His idea is a 3D printed acoustic amplifier in the form of the old-fashioned gramophone.

This amplifier then turns the Echo Dot into a 1920s style horn speaker. Fleistad explains that he’s wanted a horn speaker for some time but hasn’t found an economical option.

“I have always loved the look of the old radio horns of the 20’s and 30’s, but sadly, acquiring them is becoming harder and harder these days, and when you do come across one, the price is usually very high. There are reproductions on the market in the form of standalone bluetooth speakers, but these are usually sold at an even higher price point than the originals,” Fleistad explains.

So, instead of continuing in his unsuccessful search, Fleistad came up with his own solution. He used the Echo Dot as the center of his 1920s horn and created a 3D printed shell. The final design, which the designer wittingly calls the Gramazon, is a gorgeous and classical attachment for your AI housemate.

Give Your Home a Cheap 1920s Makeover with the Gramazon

Fleistad wanted to create a straightforward and slick 3D printable model, and started designing with Autodesk Fusion 360 to see what he could “slap together”. His primary goal was to create a design which didn’t require anything other than the 3D printed parts and some paint.

“Initially I was just going to make the horn part, and make a wooden base for it to house some electronics for a Bluetooth receiver and speaker, however, looking at my Echo Dot sitting at the corner of my desk, a light-bulb went off and the idea for the Gramazon was born!” Fleistad exclaims.

After succeeding with the design process, the maker finally started 3D printing the Gramazon. The STL files, which are available on Thingiverse, are printed with 20 percent infill, no supports necessary.

After assembly, Fleistad used 80 and 100 grit sandpaper, as well as copious amounts of Bondo, primer coats, and XTC-3D (for the inside of the model) to get the perfect finish.

“Just expect a lot of sanding if you plan to achieve a smooth surface finish on this project,” he warns.

If you’d like to create your own Gramazon, it’s as simple as downloading Fleistad’s files, 3D printing them, assembling, sanding the print down, priming it, and painting it with style. Visit his Thingiverse page to download the files and bring your Amazon Echo on a trip to the roaring twenties.


Source: Hackaday

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