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Gamify Your Workout

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Wondering how you can keep fit while stuck inside? Try to gamify your workout routine in VR!

With full-body tracking and full immersion, we’ve all been surprised when we find our heart rates up while enjoying some of our favorite titles. To help keep you active while the gym is closed, we’ve put together a playlist of our top fitness-inspired titles included with your Viveport Infinity membership.

What are the VR titles you’re playing right now to stay in shape? Join in on the conversation on the HTC VIVE social channels and share your VR fitness routine with the VR community.

Creed: Rise to Glory by Survios

Challenge your stamina as you go toe-to-toe with world champions and experience the ascent of Adonis Creed. Set within the Creed™ films, you’ll train hard to rise from an underdog to the world-class fighter you’re meant to be. With the new Phantom Melee Technology, you’ll experience every punch and KO.

Play Creed: Rise to Glory now.

OhShape by Odders

A new rhythm game based on a popular Japanese television show, OhShape will get your heart rate elevated right away. Following the beat, you’ll move your whole body to go through, punch or dodge walls quickly heading your way. This fast-paced game will challenge your mind as much as your body.

Play OhShape now.

Dance Collider by emergeWorlds


One of our favorite VR rhythm games, Dance Collider brings its own flair to the popular genre. Energetic dance patterns will have you working up a sweat as you battle dancers from around the globe for a spot on the leaderboards.

Play Dance Collider now.

Remind VR: Daily Meditation by VIVE Studios


For a change of pace, try Remind VR: Daily Meditation. Relax and unwind to let go of the worries that hang heavy on your shoulders. Reducing your stress levels is just as important as your physical wellbeing so try performing these three short daily exercises today.

Play Remind VR now.


BOXVR brings high-intensity boxing workouts to your living room. With regularly updated boxing workouts developed by a team of fitness instructors, BOXVR is specifically designed to shred calories.

Play BOXVR now.

First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator by Mikori Games

 Ready to challenge the tennis pros? In First Person Tennis you’ll lob, volley and ace your way to the top. A full ranking system and 13 tournaments to tackle, this realistic simulator will test your skills as you go head-to-head with friends or the computer.

Play First Person Tennis now.

PowerBeatsVR by Five Mind Creations

Your quads are in for a workout with PowerBeatsVR. An adrenaline-pumping rhythm title, you’ll need to box, dodge, squat and sidestep around obstacles to the beat of the music. With the in-game level editor, you can control how intense your workouts are and upload your favorite tracks. With calorie tracking capabilities and added support for heart monitoring, you’ll soon understand just how hard you’re working.

Play PowerBeatsVR now..

Knockout League by Grab Games

This single-player arcade-style boxing game is your ticket to a summer bod. Take on a wacky cast of characters as you move, dodge, squat and punch your way to the championship. Coach Doug will get you in tip-top fighting shape as he trains you with various boxing drills, all intended to get your heart rate up and your skills sharpened as you get ready for the ring.

Play Knockout League now.

Ninja Legends by Coinflip Studios

Ninja Legends offers a fast-paced melee combat experience only possible in VR. Skillfully block and parry attacks as you fend off increasingly difficult swarms of enemies from all angles. Attack enemies with great pace and accuracy to survive as long as you can and keep up a consistent heart rate.

Play Ninja Legends now.

Final Soccer VR by Ivanovich Games

Lace-up your cleats and get ready for the beautiful game. Practice free kicks and penalties in striker mode or step in the goal and make the game-winning save as keeper. With 150 levels to beat, Final Soccer VR will keep you coming back day after day.

Play Final Soccer VR now.

Is there another title you love to play that doubles as a workout? Let us know!

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