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Gamer Uses 3D Printing to Prototype One-Handed PlayStation 4 Controller

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A popular YouTuber and gamer named Doppel D has created a 3D printed PlayStation 4 controller that can be used with just one hand, taking accessibility to a whole new level. 

Whether it be customized accessories for your gaming console of choice or cosplay of your favorite character, 3D printing technology has been used by many to enhance their video game experience and show off their fandom. The latest innovation comes in the form of a new type of PlayStation 4 controller; one that can be utilized with just a single hand.

Designed by the popular gaming YouTuber Doppel D, this custom-made PS4 controller places the entire functionality of the standard controller into your palm. This creation is meant to improve accessibility or simply allow gamers to play with one hand. The controller users a Wired Connection and offers access to all of the buttons and input functions, even the Touchpad Button that is placed in the center of the stock controller.

Gamer 3D Prints and Tests Functional PS4 Controller Prototype

Still in the prototyping phase, the gamer recently shared a demonstration video of the 3D printed controller in action. The creator used the prototype to play Trackmania Turbo, using his non-dominant left hand to showcase how the controller works even in the “worst possible scenario.” Despite spending the first handful of minutes crashing into walls, Doppel D eventually gets the hang of his one-handed controller.

Check out the entertaining demonstration video below.

This is the second iteration of the one-handed controller that the creator has created with a symmetrical design, which enables users to comfortably hold it in their left or right hand. Another perk is that all of the buttons and sticks can be remapped, allowing players to modify the controller layout the way they see fit. Eventually, Doppel D wants to create a functional final product, but he’s still working to nail down the final prototype.

While the design replicates all of the button functions of the PS4 controller, the 3D printed prototype doesn’t include features like speakers, rumble modules or the glowing lightbar. The one-handed controller is not yet available for purchase, but Doppel D told his YouTube viewers to stay tuned for updates.

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