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Gamer Hacks Android Wear Smartwatch to Run Counter Strike 1.6!!

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Counter Strike 1.6 fans with Android Wear rejoice! Now you can run the game on your smartwatch, thanks to an app called Xash3D.

[mbYTPlayer url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t8fM9U5BS0″ opacity=”.5″ quality=”medium” ratio=”auto” isinline=”false” showcontrols=”false” realfullscreen=”true” printurl=”true” autoplay=”true” mute=”true” loop=”true” addraster=”true” stopmovieonblur=”false” gaTrack=”false”]

This piece of software basically enables one to run old Windows versions on Android Wear, given that you have a copy of the original. Once both are ready to go, all you need to do is make a separate Xash folder, then copy the Valve / Counter Strike folders into that, launch the client app, and you’re ready to game.

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