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Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV Featuring Halo Infinite Multiplayer and a $50,000 Prize Pool

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Some of the top pro players and streamers know that Game Pass Has PC Games, so we’re inviting them to our inaugural Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV featuring Halo Infinite Multiplayer on December 3. This is your chance to watch skilled gamers and entertaining creators compete for a prize pool of $50,000.

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The Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta is available to play today, so brush up on your skills, and get ready to complete challenges, win prizes, and earn opportunities to participate in community events in the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational Hub on Boom TV. Sign up now and get started!

If you’ve been following the Game Pass Has PC Games – PC Builder Series, you’ll be hyped to hear that UrAvgConsumer will be giving away a custom Halo Infinite themed PC to one of the players. You’ll be able to vote and decide on whose gameplay clip will become the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational: Legendary Moment. The winner of the Legendary Moment award will receive the custom PC built by UrAvgConsumer.

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The Halo Infinite Campaign will be available on day one with Game Pass for PC on December 8. But for now, you’ll be able to catch all the action of the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational live on Boom TV, so tune into the stream and enjoy the fun. We’ll see you soon Spartans.

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