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Fully-Mechanized Hulkbuster Toy Has a Full Iron Man Inside!!

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“Because check the ‘action feature’ of their upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man Hulkbuster figure – the cockpit automatically opens in phenomenal detail, revealing a figure of Tony Stark in his normal armor inside! And his mask opens too! And the eyes of both armors manages to light up! Gah! We also have some incredible footage of some of Hot Toys other amazing Iron Man toys, too,” according to iO9.

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Not just any tony, this Hulkbuster is fully-mechanized and stands approximately 55cm (21 inches) tall. It features a Mark XLIII bust inside the Hulkbuster with LED light-up eyes and arc reactor on chest. On the outside, Hulkbuster sports metallic red, gold and silver armor, complete with a nifty weathering effect, as well as 16 LED light-up areas in the eyes, chest, repulsor palms, back, and legs. One caveat: it’ll set you back $824.99.

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Written by Quad Oner


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