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Freedoom Wireless Sport Headphones by JAYBIRD , Unboxing Review

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Freedoom Wireless Sport Headphones by JAYBIRD , Unboxing Review

Take control of your life with the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones! This revolutionary set of wireless headphones combines cutting-edge engineering and technology with a sleek look and a host of useful features to bring your audio listening experience to the next level.

Jaybird combines style, comfort, and function in one package: the Freedom. Designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing style or features, these headphones are incredibly versatile and are ideal for both leisure listening and pumping you up during a workout. They are also great for business travelers who need to be constantly updated with the latest news without the hassle of wires and faulty connectivity. The in-ear speaker design has been significantly reduced by 20% and houses an enhanced 6mm driver for subtle lows and a booming bass. The smaller frame is more convenient to handle and offers a comfortable fit for different ear sizes. These earbuds can even be worn with helmets. The control panel features a raised button for easy access and intuitive controls. Take calls and adjust the volume without any hassle! The hydrophobic nano-coating also makes the whole earbud waterproof, preventing sweat, snow, and rain from affecting your sound quality!

A wide variety of customized fit options are already included inside the box. The patented silicone ear fins (S, M, L) securely keep the buds inside your ears or can be used to hang them over the top. Lift the cord off your neck for a comfortable workout experience! Also, the Comply memory foam ear tips are designed to provide maximum noise isolation and comfort. They lock in the earbuds for a super secure fit, whether you’re on a calm jog, riding an MTB trail, or rushing to your next big meeting.

Additionally, the MySound app allows you to tweak every aspect of your sound: from the rumbling lows to the sweetest highs! Customize every little detail with the easy-to-understand interface. Compatible with iOS 9+ and Android 4.4+, your customized presets are saved directly onto the Freedom buds, carrying over to any music device or streaming service/app you use. Listen the way you want to or discover how your favorite athletes and artists enjoy their music through their custom sound profiles. Also, the Multipoint feature allows you to simultaneously pair and connect the Freedom buds to two different Bluetooth devices. Listen to your music through your laptop while still answering calls on your phone with the bud controller. You can also share your music with your spotter or workout buddy, as two separate buds can connect to the same Bluetooth device, eliminating the need to share earphones. You can even connect to your smartwatch and leave your smartphone at home!

With the Jaybird Freedom Headphones’ on-the-go clip charger, you’ll be ready for any adventure. These earbuds are great for people with active lives or who just want a micro wireless headphone that works! The Freedom lets you do more of what you want to do.


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