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Fortnite Map Updates: Tomato Temple Replaces Tomato Town, Lightning

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As players dig further into the new Fortnite update, we’re finding more that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the 5.30 patch notes. While some are silly–like the ability to thank the bus driver–another is pretty meaningful for the game, as the map has seen a big change to one of its named areas, and lightning strikes are now emerging from the rift in teh sky.

Ahead of the update’s release, it seemed as if change was afoot for Tomato Town when part of its restaurant disappeared through a rift, similar to what what was happening to kick off Season 5. With the 5.30 update, Tomato Town has changed significantly enough to warrant a new name–it’s now Tomato Temple.

Many of the same buildings, including the gas station, are still located there. But the central restaurant location has been replaced entirely by a large stone pyramid. You can both climb to the top and go inside, where you’ll find a variety of tomatoes (and, seemingly, relics commemorating the old Tomato Town mascot).

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Elsewhere on the map, the screen at Risky Reels has been repaired completely and is now functioning. After showing some typical pre-movie visuals encouraging you to buy refreshments, it airs the winner of the Fortnite Blockbuster contest, which saw fans create and submit Fortnite movies. Janthony’s “Prepare for Collision” came out on top, and you can see it airing in-game or in the video above (where you don’t run the risk of being shot in the back while watching, as happened to me).

Additionally, players have reported spotting lightning strikes around the map, originating from the rift/tear in the sky. Whether this is a setup for something to come or just a new element is unclear, but you can see an example of this here.

Perhaps to coincide with the update to Tomato Town, Epic has added the Tomatohead skin to the in-game store for a limited time. It sells for 1,500 V-Bucks and will soon rotate out, to be replaced by other new outfits. But for those who do get their hands on it (or already have it), a new style is now available for it that can be unlocked by completing newly added challenges, which are only available for those with the skin.

There’s been a lot to take in from the new Fortnite update. For a complete look at what’s new, check out our coverage through the links below.

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