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Fortnite Challenge Guide Week 5: Secret Road Trip For Free Battle Pass Tier (Season 5)

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Season 5 of Fortnite rolls on with another set of weekly challenges to complete. Once again, if you manage to clear all of the challenges in a given week, you’ll complete a Road Trip challenge–this season’s equivalent of the Blockbuster challenges from Season 4. Doing that, in turn, will reward you with a special loading screen, which contains a subtle hint pointing to the location of a free Battle Pass tier.

If you’ve kept atop all of the challenges available thus far this season and manage to complete the latest batch of objectives, you’ll unlock a loading screen featuring characters posing in front of a dinosaur. The clue on this screen can be found on the sign near the dinosaur’s feet, which depicts a house flanked by cacti with a Battle Star just above the roof.

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The cacti are the big giveaway, pointing you to the new desert biome introduced in Season 5. Just as the sign depicted, the Battle Star can be found on top of a building surrounded by cacti, near the northwestern edge of the desert. Simply head to the area at the start of a match, land on top of the roof, and you’ll be able to collect the Star and level your Battle Pass up by one tier.

You can see where to find the free Battle Pass tier on the map below. We’ve also put together a video showing the exact location of the Battle Star if you need further help finding it. However, you’ll first need to complete five weeks of challenges and unlock the aforementioned loading screen before you can find this Star; you won’t simply be able to head to the specified location if you haven’t met the requirements.

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Week 5’s challenges include following a treasure map in Snobby Shores and leaping through three Rift Portals. You can find all of the ones available right now in our Fortnite Season 5 challenge guide. For more on Epic’s popular battle royale game, be sure to check out our complete coverage of Fortnite Season 5 below.

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