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[FLASH DEAL] Print More Bendy Things – SainSmart TPU Filament 1.75mm 0.8KG Spools, 20% Off

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Try your hand at printing flexibles with this deal on SainSmart TPU — 20% off select colors at Amazon.com

We all hear the trials and tribulations of trying to print with flexible materials. Is your extruder up to snuff? Print slowly and forget about Bowden (hopefully, yes, and not necessarily). But still, for a material type so fraught with caveats and myths, you could be forgiven for not wanting to spend much money to try it out.

Handily, one of today’s Deals of the Day over on Amazon.com is just that: cheaper flexible TPU filament. Select colors of SainSmart branded 0.8KG 1.75mm spools of TPU filament are getting a 20% markdown (give or take a couple of percent, depending on the color).

You can pick some up on sale for between $24.89 and $25.89, down from approximately $30.99 (again, depending on the color you choose).

As with many of Amazon.com’s Deal of the Day offers, this is for a limited time only (or until stocks run dry). This offer on select SainSmart TPU ends at 11pm CET.

Deal: SainSmart 1.75mm TPU filament, 0.8KG spools xyz

Find more deals over on our Deals page.

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