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First Permanent 3D Printed Food Restaurant Premieres in the Netherlands

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Dutch company byFlow and chef Jan Smink are pairing up to launch the first permanent restaurant for 3D printed food in Wolvega, the Netherlands. The launch is scheduled for September 2018. Bookings start in mid-May.

byFlow is a Dutch company which created a 3D printer specifically for printing food called the byFlow Focus (see video below). You can either make your own pastes or buy byFlow’s to print with.

Better yet, the printer can also be folded into a suitcase meaning it’s very portable. This printer costs around $3,700 so it’s unlikely that most will have one in their homes anytime soon.

However, there will soon be an option for trying the byFlow food without having to pay such an expensive price. The company has now teamed up with Dutch chef, Jan Smink, and will be opening a restaurant in the Netherlands later this year.

Smink has won the “Bocuse d’Or”, and he has worked for the restaurant De Librije, which has three Michelin stars. He will be opening the restaurant in Wolvega, Weststellingwerf. This will be the first permanent restaurant in the country to have 3D printed food on the menu. It will open in September 2018.

“To surprise my guests with a new and unique experience, I want to be open to innovative technologies. By using the Focus 3D Food Printer I’m able to experiment with traditional, local ingredients and serve them in forms and shapes that otherwise would not be possible. I’m excited that my restaurant will be the first in the Netherlands to do so,” explains Smink.



Munch Your Way Through a 3D Printed Dutch Dinner

So far there is no information available regarding what will be on the menu or even the name of the restaurant. However, restaurant goers should rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Smink has been experimenting with the food 3D printing and developing new recipes for the past year. He’s been closely working with the company to support research and development and also to give demonstrations.

For visitors to the Wolvega restaurant, Smink is focusing on creating a “special experience”. This means a visible preparations process and even preparing food at the table. byFlow explains that the 3D food printer will have a prominent place in the restaurant.

The location of the restaurant will be at the former ING building in the center of Wolvega. On May 1st, Smink will receive the key to the building and by mid-May, byFlow promises the name of the restaurant will be announced along with a new website launch.

They add that from that moment on, it’ll be possible to make reservations (and hopefully learn how much a main course will cost). Follow the company on Twitter to make sure you’re first in line.

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