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Fear the Rats in A Plague Tale: Innocence, Pre-order Today on Xbox One

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Bringing together a deep narrative and an incredible rendition of war-torn, plague-ridden 14th century France, A Plague Tale: Innocence tells the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo in a third-person adventure through medieval times. Today we are celebrating the launch of pre-orders on Xbox One so please pick it up and experience our new, original IP in just a few months – we hope that you will enjoy the journey as much as we enjoyed crafting it.

This first solo effort is a project very close to our heart at Asobo Studio, telling the story of a young group of children dealing with the harsh realities of medieval life as the black death and war ravage the country of France. As siblings Amicia and Hugo cope with life on the run, hunted by the Inquisition and endlessly avoiding the rat plague pouring from every hole in the Earth and unattended building, they grow with each other. Follow their journey and keep them safe.

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While they are not hardened soldiers, Amicia’s training as a hunter by her father and noble upbringing gives her a steely approach to the horrors around her. Her brother is much younger, and his bravery comes mostly through naivete and inexperience. An isolated childhood and mysterious illness make him vulnerable and scared but fascinated by his surroundings. The siblings will work together to survive, no matter the cost.

They are joined by a colorful cast of orphans, misfits, survivors, thieves, and much more. With the worst the Inquisition has to offer hounding them and the English army invading on top of the effects of disease, allies come in every shape and size. Not everyone will be kept safe.

You can pre-order today to receive alternative outfits and coats of arms for Amicia and Hugo, as well as being ready to jump in as soon as launch day arrives. Asobo can’t wait to share their story with you and the world. This heart pounding, emotional tale comes to Xbox One on May 14.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is available for pre-order today on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. Click here for pre-order details.

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