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Extensions you should check out: December ‘17

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Extensions provide an opportunity for developers and streamers to revolutionize live streaming together. These interactive experiences can be tailored to the specific needs of a stream and allow two-way communication between the streamer, the viewers, and even a game being played. To help developers and streamers collaborate, last month we created a forum category to submit and vote on ideas, and we would love for you to be a part of those conversations as well.

This month, we wanted to highlight a few Extensions (and their authors) that have been recently added to the Extensions Manager. We’ve chosen these to demonstrate a variety of use cases that Extensions can solve and the value they provide to streamers. You can try these Extensions on your own channel page by going to the detail pages linked below and clicking the “+ Install” button at the top right of each page.

Game Stat

An overlay Extension by CiberusPS, Game Stat is an Extension that shows game statistics, recent matches, and match details for DOTA 2.


Written by sock_stream, the TT Extension is a timer video overlay with support for history and splits. The overlay is currently controlled from the browser, but the plan is to eventually integrate with existing timer tools. User guide: https://tt.stephank.nl/

Event Countdown

A panel Extension by Casperr, Event Countdown uses the Twitch event scheduler to display a countdown until your next event, using your selected thumbnail and game box art.

Website: LINK

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