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Every Superhero Who’s Ever Been In The Justice League, Part 2: Equinox To Mindwarp

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While the Justice League in the latest DC movie features just a handful of heroes, the history of the team in the comic books is a lot more complicated. Since their creation in 1960 the team has seen over 150 members in a wide variety of divisions, offshoots, alternate versions, and reimaginings. From Justice Leagues America, Europe, and International to Justice League Dark and Justice League Elite, and through the various timelines and reboots like Flashpoint, New 52, and Rebirth, it all gets a bit complicated.

Here’s the second part of our run-down of all the heroes who have been part of this legendary team over nearly 60 years of justice. You can see Every Superhero Who’s Ever Been In The Justice League Part 1 here.

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