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Enter your VR app for the second Viveport Developer Awards

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Viveport Developer Awards trophy mock-up

Last year, in the inaugural VDAs, we awarded prizes to apps across the spectrum of what’s possible in VR – from recreating history with Apollo 11 VR, to witnessing a piece of art in motion with Firebird – La Péri. With another year of experience and experimentation, we’re hoping to see the bar raised, if not completely surpassed, by your VR creations!

Well, the aforementioned $50,000 for our first prize winner for starters. You’ll also be featured in a studio profile video produced by us, get priority access to new developer hardware and, naturally, a trophy to place right next to your development kit. If you don’t manage to snag first place and come second, you’ll still get everything here plus a massive $20,000 as well.

Almost anything! Whether your title is already live on Viveport or it’s submitted before the end of February 9th, you’ll be eligible for consideration. (There are some exceptions; check out our FAQ for exact details.) The five categories we’re considering titles in are as follows:

Entertainment: An app that captivates the player in an engaging world and story. Features interactivity that is satisfying and rewarding. Leaves a lasting impression. Encourages the player to revisit the title again and again.

Education: An app that offers immersive and interactive learning experiences for the classroom or outside of it. Sparks curiosity, imagination and passion for intriguing subject matter.

Arts & Culture: An app that enables, preserves, and democratizes creation in the arts. Addresses a diverse, global audience and contributes to the knowledge and enjoyment of cultural heritage.

Enterprise: An app that aims to transform businesses with digital innovation. Accelerates the way teams create, cooperate and execute. Impacts key areas such as visualization, design, collaboration, marketing/sales and simulation/training.

Arcade: An app that will delight customers new to virtual reality. Designed for location-based entertainment considering ease of learning and playtime. A great choice for venues and businesses offering virtual reality experiences.

If you don’t think your app fits into any of these categories, great! Submit it anyway. We love to see original work!

To be considered for the VDAs, all you have to do is submit your title for publication on Viveport via our Developer Console. (Your title does not have to be published – i.e. live – to be considered for the awards, but it must be submitted for publishing.) More information on how to enter is in our FAQ.

February 9th. As long as your title is submitted for publication by then, it’s eligible for consideration. We’re looking forward to seeing your VR creativity in action!

PS! Don’t forget to check out our FAQ!

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