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E3D Releases Titan Aqua Water-Cooling System for FDM Printing

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In order to improve high-temperature 3D printing, E3D releases the Titan Aqua hotend and extruder alongside a water-cooling kit.

As any desktop 3D printer owner knows, the more you use your machine, the better your prints and overall experience will be. However, when it comes to printing with high-performance materials like PEEK or even ABS, things can get a bit tricky.

For those of us who have been frustrated by the throes of engineering-grade plastics, the UK 3D printing startup E3D is offering a new component to help cool your jets (as well as your printer).

On Wednesday, E3D officially released the Titan Aqua, a water-cooled hotend and extruder setup that is designed to thrive in hot environments. When printing with a material like ASA, ABS, or PEEK, having properly heated surroundings is integral to success.

However, high temperatures can also lead to decreased printing precision, while also overworking both the fans and motors. These motors tend to create heat internally due to electrical power dissipation, and can sometimes fail at temperatures over 80°C.

With the Titan Aqua, E3D claims that users will be able continue printing in warm environments without sacrificing the wellbeing of your 3D printer. The water-cooling system is engineered to maintain a sharp thermal break, while internal cooling channels help to cool the body and motor in a quiet and efficient manner.

Titan Aqua: A Refreshing Upgrade for Heat-Seeking 3D Printing Enthusiasts

The Titan Aqua comes with a compatible water-cooling kit, designed similarly to a computer cooling system. The system includes a combination reservoir and pump, and merges the radiator and fan into a single, compact unit.

Moreover, the watertight Titan Aqua is adaptable and also upgradable. The extruder is well suited for use with pre-existing water-cooling systems. The system uses a V6 heat break, which has a hot side that is identical to the E3D-V6 HotEnd. Therefore, the Titan Aqua can be upgraded with any V6-compatible block or nozzle.

The water-cooling system is unlike any other hotend and extruder setup. The Titan Aqua uses a large fan that is mounted outside of the print chamber. Since the fan is so big, it’s able to spin at a slower–and therefore much quieter–speed.

The coolant in the system is designed to transfer heat from the HotEnd to a radiator attached to the fan, where it can be dissipated. Additionally, the water-cooling channel is widened in order to remove metal and reduce weight while also maximizing water-flow and heat-transfer area.

Needless to say, E3D has added an extremely interesting 3D printing accessory to its vast product line. Although the Titan Aqua and water-cooling kit isn’t something the average 3D printer user might need, it will likely be a hit among those printing with engineering-grade materials at high temperatures.

You can learn more about the Titan Aqua on E3D’s blog. 

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