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Drive Into the Holiday Season With 3D Printable BMW Christmas Ornaments

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BMW celebrates the holiday season and 3D printing technology by releasing STL files of its iconic logo, the famous BMW Welt, a set of wheels, and more. 

Of all the industries that have taken interest in advancing 3D printing technology, none seem as invested as the automotive sector. From rapid prototyping to small-run manufacturing, numerous car manufacturers have integrated 3D printing onto the production line.

One of the pioneers in this field is the German automotive manufacturer BMW. Not only has the company used 3D printing to showcase unique concepts and improve its production capabilities, it has also been on the forefront of various investment opportunities.

Over the past couples of years, BMW has provided funding to a few of the most highly anticipated 3D printing companies, including Carbon and Desktop Metal. Clearly, additive manufacturing is playing an increasing role in BMW’s ecosystem.

The automotive manufacturer recently shared a post detailing the ways that 3D printing has reshaped its prototyping and production. To show appreciation for this emerging technology, BMW is celebrating in the holiday season with 3D printable Christmas ornaments.

BMW Shares 3D Printable Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

As you can see, 3D printing is poised to have a major impact on the future of BMW’s manufacturing process. And so, the German automotive giant has shared a number of STL files for 3D printing and/or Beemer enthusiasts to print and hang on the Christmas tree.

Here’s what they’re offering:

BMW Welt

Based out in Munich, the BMW Welt is a famous multi-use exhibition center that sees over three million visitors a year.

BMW Wheel

Want to take that new 3D printer out for a spin? Well now you can do so with a set of BMW wheels. These double-spokes will look great hanging from your tree or even your car dashboard.

BMW Logo

Of course, nothing can beat the iconic BMW emblem. Now, it’s finally available for 3D printing, meaning you can showoff your Beemer fandom by printing and hanging this logo up for all to see.

The BMW Four-Cylinder

The Four-Cylinder building is the BMW headquarters, also located in Munich. This 101-meter-high landmark building was designed by architect Karl Schwanzer. Now, you can print it out at home and have a piece of BMW’s history with you at all times. 

You can download all of the STL files from the BMW website. Find the STL files and learn more by clicking here.

Website: LINK

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