Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Returns for a Limited Time

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Festival of the Lost returns today to Destiny 2. Everyone’s invited to join the party, equip a spooky stylish mask, and collect the Legendary weapons only available during the event. There are also new Universal Ornaments, mummy-themed Exotics, a frightening Finisher, and so much more.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

The Haunted Forest is open for those who dare to brave its darkened corridors. And this time, The Spider is getting in on the action. Discover what’s captured his attention in the Haunted Forest and if you’re not too distracted by the treasure chests at the end, maybe you can lend him a hand.

Yes. Treasure chests. Plural.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

In 2020, Festival of the Lost shakes things up a bit with a new type of collectible called a Cipher Decoder. These can be earned throughout the game and used to unlock additional treasure chests at the end of a Haunted Forest run. This means that no matter how you prefer to play Destiny 2, you’ll have more chances to loot that perfect Braytech Werewolf or Horror Story you’ve had your eyes on.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

Both auto rifles are back in all their grotesque glory – now with a wider perk pool to roll from. So, if you missed out last year, there’s never been a better chance to unlock a keeper. Even if you already have one that you’re happy with, there are plenty of new rewards to hunt:

  • Mummified Exotics
    The new Exotic Ghost, Sparrow, and ship are all wrapped up – literally – and ready to complete your look.
  • Universal Ornaments
    A new line of universal ornaments inspired by some of the most iconic monsters are sure to bring out your inner ghoul.
  • Finishers, Masks, and Triumphs
    The One-inch Punch Finisher makes its debut, new masks have been frightfully fashioned, and Festival of the Lost Triumphs are alive! ALIVE!
  • Bungie Rewards
    Among all the tricks and treats, there’s also a new collectible pin and Festival emblem that are unlocked by completing the in-game Triumphs.
Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost runs from October 6 to November 3 and will be the final event before Destiny 2’s next major expansion, Beyond Light, launches on November 10.

It’s getting cold outside, Guardians – scary cold.

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