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Destiny 2: Release Date, Guides, Tips, And Everything You Need To Know

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Bungie’s highly anticipated shooter Destiny 2 is finally here on all platforms; it’s been available on consoles for some time and its PC launch is upon us. Here, we’re collecting the big details to know about, including our review, recent news stories, and all of our major guides.

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Destiny 2 Review

„In true Destiny fashion, if you do something once, you’ll probably end up doing it many more times. The difference with Destiny 2 is in the variety and accessibility of what’s available, which cuts down on a lot of the frustration associated with grinding. And even after you’ve leveled up, there’s still more you can do, from keeping up with daily and weekly challenges to just hanging out with friends. It’s a much stronger foundation than the original had and one that’s enough on its own to keep people coming back week after week.“ — Kallie Plagge [Read the full Destiny 2 review]

Guides And Tips

For Destiny veterans, a lot has changed in Destiny 2, while the game will also see many newcomers to the series. Whichever boat you fall in, we have tons of guides to help you figure out where to get started and how to make the most of the endgame.

Starting Out

In-Depth Guides And Tips

Class Guides

Is Xur In Destiny 2?

Yes, the mysterious figure is back as a limited-time, weekly merchant who will sell you a rotating selection of Exotic items. While that basic conceit is the same as in the first game, there have actually been some major changes to the way he operates and where he’s found.

What Systems Is It Available On?

Unlike the first Destiny, Destiny 2 is available only for new-generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s also coming to PC on October 24. Returning players will get rewards and a nice little memorial.

What Versions Are Available?

Destiny is available in Standard, Digital Deluxe, and a Game + Expansion Pass Bundle. The Digital Deluxe edition comes with a Legendary emote and the Cabal Empire-themed emblem. It also includes the Expansion Pass, which comes with two expansions to be released later. The Game + Expansion Pass Bundle is pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the prices:

  • Standard — $60/£55/$100 AU
  • Game + Expansion Pass Bundle –$90/£80/$140 AU
  • Digital Deluxe — $100/£90/$150 AU

People who pre-ordered Destiny 2 will receive the Coldheart Exotic rifle, the Kill-Tracker Ghost, and the Salute emote.

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File Size

According to Destiny 2’s store pages, the game weighs in at 30.9 GB on PS4 and 34.98 GB on Xbox One. The PC version requires 68 GB of free space.

What Is And Isn’t Available In Destiny 2 Now?

Destiny 2’s first Raid and Guided Games are available on console, but those won’t arrive on PC right away. Computer players can, however, play the full campaign and the Crucible multiplayer mode. Here’s the full schedule for when the Raid and other features arrive on PC.

Full details:

The Farm Holds A Really Cool Secret

If you’re willing to take a break from leveling up, the Farm social space holds an intriguing secret that you might have overlooked. [More details and mild spoilers here]

How To Kill Those Annoying Phalanx Enemies

In the original Destiny, defeating Phalanxes usually involved either chucking a grenade behind them, or shooting the tiny bit of arm visible sticking outside their shields. In Destiny 2, they’ve been granted a brand new weak spot, smack in the middle of those shields. Ping that glowing spot with a few shots and the shields retract, stunning the jerks in the process. [Lots more details here]

Known Issues, Technical Problems, And Server Queues

Destiny 2’s release on PC is poised to be big, possibly straining the game’s servers. To allow for a better experience, Bungie used server queues on console and may do so on PC. Ahead of the console release, Bungie warned that players may not be able to immediately access the game. In order to „regulate player population to provide stable conditions for Destiny gameplay,“ server queues can pop up in Destiny 2 just as they could in the previous game. In other words, you may have to wait in line before you can play. Additionally, there are a number of issues to be aware of.

Full details:

Five Biggest Changes In Destiny 2

Launch Is Just The Start

One of the shortcomings of Destiny 1 was that content was not released fast enough to meet players‘ expectations. For the sequel, Bungie is working with outside studios like High Moon and Vicarious Visions to create and release content faster. We know there are two paid expansions coming, and recently, a leak suggested the first expansion is called The Curse of Osiris and will be out in December. It’ll supposedly add a patrol zone on Mercury, a social space, and a storyline centered around Osiris.

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