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Desktop Metal Unveils Live Parts Generative Design Tool for SOLIDWORKS

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Desktop Metal is partnering with Dassault Systèmes to develop Live Parts, a new generative design tool. This experimental technology is exclusive to SOLIDWORKS users, and aims to simplify generative design for 3D printing. 

This week in Los Angeles, some of the most innovative names in 3D printing and CAD software have joined together at SOLIDWORKS World 2018. With over 5,000 members of the manufacturing and engineering community in attendance, the event is heralded as the place to learn new 3D design skills and speak with experts.

Eager to share some exciting news at the show was Desktop Metal, the Massachusetts metal 3D printing startup that has recently skyrocketed into the additive manufacturing spotlight. Last year, the company debuted the Studio System and Production System, two groundbreaking 3D printers that are aiming to disrupt the metal 3D printing market.

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The latest development from Desktop Metal, which was debuted at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, is Live Parts. This is a new advanced software tool that focuses on experimental generative design. This tool was created through a partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the company responsible for the 3D CAD software SOLIDWORKS.

Desktop Metal Unveils Live Parts, A New Approach to Generative Design

The aim of Live Parts is to simplify generative design, enabling the creation of strong and lightweight parts in a matter of minutes. With it, users can maximize the full potential of 3D printing, leading to material and cost efficiency, as well as design flexibility.

Developed by DM Labs, Desktop Metal’s research and innovation group, Live Parts is powered by a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-accelerated multi-physics engine. This allows designs to be auto-generated in real time, applying morphogenetic principles and advanced simulation to ensure parts are optimized for 3D printing.

“At Desktop Metal, we are committed to making metal 3D printing both accessible and successful for designers, engineers and manufacturing teams. In addition to hardware, we believe design for additive manufacturing software tools and techniques are critical to the successful fabrication of strong, lightweight parts that perform. We are excited to partner with Dassault Systèmes on the preview of our latest innovation, Live Parts, and to offer our software tool as a means for educational exploration to the largest community of engineers leading advancements in additive manufacturing,” said Ric Fulop, CEO and Co-Founder at Desktop Metal.

In addition to hardware, we believe design for additive manufacturing software tools and techniques are critical to the successful fabrication of strong, lightweight parts that perform.

The tool creates functional parts with complex geometries that are well-suited for 3D printing technology. Moreover, Live Parts is accessible to users with zero knowledge on how to design for the techniques and guidelines of additive manufacturing.

Desktop Metal and Dassault Systèmes will continue to work together and create new features, eventually offering a full workflow from design to 3D printing. The two companies will also collaborate on new initiatives, including metal 3D printing certification and curriculum, as well as joint educational programs.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Dassault Systèmes to offer SOLIDWORKS users access to the Live Parts technology preview, and we look forward to future collaboration on educational and additional software tools specifically suited for designing for additive manufacturing,” Fulop adds.

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