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DERP hacker group ‘unintentionally’ took down PSN

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Hacker group known as “DERP”, the same that targeted a host of PC gaming servers just a few days ago, took down the PlayStation Network, and PS-exclusive game servers such asDC Universe Online for many yesterday.


Apparently, this was a “mistake” as they were only targeting the free-to-play MMO PlanetSide 2.

For now, no one knows if this is just a false claim of attack and/or if they were lying about the “unintentional” part.

Here’s the report:

While the PlayStation Network has struggled all holiday season, that was because of the large influx of new PS4 gamers. However, today, it’s down to something far more sinister.

We’re currently being inundated with reports of the PSN being down, so it’s hard to judge just how widespread the problem is. DERP has taken responsibility for the downtime, just after attacking PlanetSide 2 and Sony servers, with the group saying:

#PSN #DCUO #Offline by unintentional means. IT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE PLANETSIDE 2

As well as saying it wasn’t part of their planAnd:

Well our plan was for small targets today… who the hell requested planetside 2?

Of course, the group could be lying and jumping on the back of unrelated downtime, or they could be lying that it as unintentional.

It should also be noted that the downtime currently seems to be similar to Anonymous’ DDoS of the PSN, rather than an actual hack that puts your data at risk.

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