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[DEAL] Sugru Hacks for Your Home Kit, 14% Off at $12.95

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Sugru is colorful, moldable and sticks most things to other things. Exactly what you need in a rubbery amorphous thingamajig. And, for now, it costs a little less than usual.

We’re all for expounding the benefits and uses of 3D printing around the home, but sometimes you need an even quicker fix that doesn’t require the pinpoint precision of a machine. That’s where Sugru steps in.

Coming in little ketchup-like packets (though we don’t recommend dousing your fries in it), simply form it with your hands and leave it to air cure into its final form — a sturdy rubber that’ll adhere to most things.

One of the brand’s starter packs, the Hacks for Your Home Kit, includes a guide booklet covering uses for Sugru around the home and a tin to keep the four included pouches of Sugru safe.

At the time of publication, lists the Hacks for your Home Kit at 14% off – just $12.95.

DEAL: Sugru Hacks for Your Home Kit, 14% off at $12.95

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