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[DEAL] Robo R2 & C2 3D Printer Easter Bundles – $100+ Worth of Filament Included Free

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Californian startup Robo 3D is running an Easter special this weekend, bundling over $100 worth of filament with its flagship R2 and mobile-friendly C2 3D printers.

Getting your hands on a new printer is a great feeling, often deflated by the boring bundled filament blues (as we’ve now just decided it should be called). Lame PLA in a print-defect hiding hue is the usual ploy, making those first few prints okay, but never quite the spectacle they should be.

Well, visitors to Robo 3D’s online store can banish those first print blues with the company’s Easter Bundle special offers running this weekend. Available until end of play on Sunday, a special package deal on the flagship R2 and its smaller sibling, the C2, bundles 3x 1KG spools of vibrant filament in addition to the printers’ usual in-the-box accessories.

Each of the listed filaments typically retails for $35 in the company’s online store.

Specifically, the R2 Easter Bundle includes 1x 1KG spool of Coral Blue PLA, 1x 1KG spool of Red PLA and 1x 1KG spool of Pink ABS, while the C2 Easter Bundle includes 1x 1KG Blue Smellament PLA, 1x 1KG Coral Blue PLA and 1x 1KG Translucent Yellow PLA.

Additionally, Robo currently lists refurbished R2 3D printers for $1,299.99 — $200 off the usual list price.


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