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[DEAL] Monoprice Cuts Ultimate, Mini V2 Prices Further

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Monoprice’s Maker Ultimate and Select Mini V2 printers see further reductions for this weekend only. Read on for the coupon codes.

It was only days ago that we flagged Monoprice’s reductions of its FDM 3D printer line running through to the end of the year, and now for this weekend only they’ve taken it further.

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For a limited time you can pick up a Monoprice Select Mini V2 (in black or white) for $174.99 using the discount code “MINI25 at checkout.

Also doubly discounted for this weekend is the Monoprice Maker Ultimate, which you can get for just $479.99 using code “ULT220 at checkout.

Both codes work through to Tuesday 19th June, 2018.


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