[DEAL] 15% Off Nozzles at MatterHackers

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MatterHackers is knocking 15% off virtually every nozzle it carries, including the bejeweled Olsson Ruby, E3Ds of every size and other specialty nozzles.

As if you needed an excuse to bite the proverbial bullet and stock up on spare nozzles, MatterHackers is giving you one over a hundred.

For the time being, the 3D printing store is cutting 15% off all nozzles (with the one exception of Ultimaker branded ones). This means expensive specialty favorite, the Olsson Ruby (3mm x 0.4mm), is reduced from $90 to $76.50. Likewise, E3D’s V6 Pro multi pack sees a reduction of almost $11, from $73 to $62.05.

But two examples from a wide-ranging sale. Check it out on the link below.

Deal: 15% off Nozzles at MatterHackers

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