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Cruz Brothers – Combat School Edition: Where Boxing Meets Fantasy on Xbox One

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Today, we’re happy to announce that Cruz Brothers is coming to Xbox One! The whole team from DCF Studios is excited to bring the game to Xbox in its best shape and form with Cruz Brothers – Combat School Edition.

Cruz Brothers’ concept was born around 2015, grounded
in the boxing world. Based on the life story of a great boxing coach from
Brazil, Marcus Luz, who helped prepare great names from the fighting world such
as José Aldo and many others. His main fighters are two young brothers that
entered the fighting world through Marcus` teaching. Felipe Cruz, the older
brother and owner of many MMA titles from his division in Brazil (and a former
ACB fighter), and Igor Cruz, the youngest national boxing champion.

Cruz Brothers

We translated their life story into a fictional drama
element that drives the story mode. The fight mechanics are also based in their
boxing and MMA fighting techniques. But, as our goal was never to create a
boxing simulator, classic moves from arcade fighting games are in there too.
With the singular purpose: to have an extremely fun fighting game.

We used to say that Cruz Brothers mixed fantasy with
reality, which remains true. But we got deeper into the fantasy realm and
submerged the game’s context into something much broader. Players can learn
more about this fictional universe unlocking the DCFU (DCF Studios Gaming
Universe) cards. When fully unlocked, details about this alternative reality
will emerge.

Cruz Brothers

Therefore, what started based on a boxing match became a
part of a whole new reality, created from our team’s most creative minds. And
we couldn’t be happier to release this for Xbox One players from around the

Xbox Live

Cruz Brothers




Hello fighters from around the world! Are you ready for some adrenaline-pumping fighting action? A tale of blood, sweat and tears is ready to unfold before you – Cruz Brothers, the dramatic fast-paced hand-drawn Fighting Game newest version is here! The newly implemented mechanics made the fighting system a whole new challenge! Camps Edition Included In Cruz Brothers, all UPDATES from year one, are included in the game’s full price. Our most important Upgrades will be referred as “Training Camps“, each with it’s own theme and purpose. Some CAMPS will update the game’s functionality, others the mechanics. Of course, there will be CAMPS that will add a whole new extra content! Below you can learn more about them. Released Camps COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 2 – Improvements in the Fight Mechanics. COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 1 – Improvements in the Fight Mechanics. Upcoming Camps [Included in the game`s full price] CONNECTIVITY CAMP – The On-line Gameplay. ROOKIE CAMP 1 – A new Team of fighters. FLASHY CAMP – The release of a massive package of customizable items to all fighters. COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 3 – The last improvements and changes for year one`s Fight Mechanics.

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