Crazy Video Shows World’s First 18-Rotor Electric Helicopter Taking Flight

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Here’s a first look at the E-volo Volocopter VC200, the world’s first 18-rotor electric helicopter. The two-seater boasts 18 zero-emission motors powered by six battery packs, and a frame that’s made from carbon fiber to keep the aircraft lightweight. That’s not all, it maneuvers by using its multiple propellers and changing the thrust of its motors, similar to that of a quadcopter. (In case you’re looking around for the top quadcopters under 100 dollars – there’s more details here.)


According to Dvice, a prototype of the VC200 recently “took to the skies for its first series of test flights. Not only was the team impressed with the smooth flight experience of the aircraft, but they were also surprised by how quiet the Volocopter ran. The VC200 took a total of nine flights, including one that lasted nearly 22 meters.”

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