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Control Traffic Your Way In This Wacky VR Sim: Traffic Jams Is Coming To Viveport on April 8

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Guest post by Vertigo Games

Watch the new Traffic Jams trailer showing all destinations and the variety of challenging events you’ll discover along the way!

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Hi everyone!

The teams from Vertigo Games and Little Chicken Game Company are very excited to share with you that our VR sim Traffic Jams is coming to Viveport on April 8, 2021!

Traffic Jams is a wacky take on traffic control, set in a crazy, cartoon world where all traffic lights have gone out and you are the only one who can keep traffic flowing. Easy? Think again! This outrageous VR game throws in monsters, (un)natural disasters, and up to 4 non-VR friends in party mode!

To celebrate our release date announcement, we’ve created a shiny new trailer, showing all destinations Traffic Jams has to offer at launch and the variety of challenging events you’ll discover along the way! Watch it here:

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Traffic Jams will take you on a jam-packed global adventure to the world’s most iconic and chaotic cities, increasing in difficulty as we add bigger intersections with more lanes, more traffic, and more chaos. Starting out on a quiet corner of a small Dutch town named Gouda, you’ll soon master the traffic control basics, and just when you think you’ve got this traffic control gig all figured out, job offers start pouring in from around the globe and each new location will throw its own wacky twists and turns at you.

The first challenge we added was an angry wasp. It was easy to recognize and understand, and flailing your arms around on a busy intersection seemed like a fun way to confuse the drivers waiting for your signal. From that point on the ideas started coming faster than we could implement them.

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Think you can crash 10 cars within a minute? Let’s try! Want to try your hand at “cheese bowling” or up your traffic control skills to guide that blazing meteorite safely past earth? Let’s do it! These are just some of the challenges that make Traffic Jams more than a traffic control simulator and allow you to control traffic your way.

Made it to the top in career mode? Not to worry, because Traffic Jams also supports a couch party mode, uniting VR and non-VR players through their mobile devices in a frantic multiplayer experience!

We can’t wait for you to uncover all the wacky challenges and see how you control traffic when the game launches on Viveport on April 8, 2021! To stay up to date on all news coming your way, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter at

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Website: LINK

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