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Coming Soon to Viveport Infinity: Containment Initiative, War Remains & more

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May is here and your Viveport Infinity library is getting some awesome additions. From educational experiences to indie gems, your playlist for May is set to entertain you all month. Check out what is coming to your Infinity library over the next few weeks below:

Coming Soon –

The Scream by Cinétévé Experience

Based on the painting, The Scream VR carries users away to explore the painter’s obsessions and work. This interactive and sensory virtual-reality experience unfolds in three chapters, presenting a unique interpretation of the Expressionist masterpiece.

Clash of Chefs by Flat Hill Games

Clash of Chefs VR is a delicious cooking game. Prepare the tastiest meals as fast as you can. Test your skills in different restaurants each featuring new recipes and 40 challenging single-player levels. Clash with other chefs in online or asynchronous multiplayer and climb the leaderboard ladders.

Blastworld by HipFire Games

A fun combination of Battle Royale and Zombies vs Humans. If you think that a knocked-out player is out of the game – think again! You will come back to haunt your killer as a blood-thirsty zombie!

Containment Initiative by Gwyn Games

Containment Initiative is a local co-op VR shooter that can be played by two people on the same PC. Kill zombies alone in VR or have a friend cover you by using the mouse and keyboard. Features include realistic weapon reloading as well as a variety of unlockable guns, upgrades, and loot to find.

Space Dragon by 3lb Games

Have you ever wanted to destroy a world? How about ten? Twenty? Take control of a pair of hatchling space dragons and blast your way through the cosmos with our innovative move-and-warp system. Fight the robotic armadas that have enslaved the massive beasts of the galaxy!

Hooplord by Hooplord VR LLC

Hooplord is a labor of love that combines boss battles and basketball into a hybrid VR experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or played before. Inside of an enchanted forest, you find yourself on an ancient basketball court in the midst of a forbidden ruin. Glory awaits should you defeat all three guardians, and manage to evade death in the process.

War Remains by MWM Interactive

This is not a game. This is history. Presented by Hardcore History® legendary podcaster Dan Carlin, War Remains is an immersive VR experience that transports viewers into the nightmarish hellscape of the Western Front of the First World War. Witness history unfold from a soldier’s point-of-view in this thought-provoking, visceral experience.

Recently Launched

You might have missed these recent additions to your Viveport Infinity library last month:

We’re looking forward to hearing what new titles you’re playing this month. Share your favorite Infinity titles, tips, and tricks with the community on Viveport’s Twitter and Facebook channels and check often for news of new releases.

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