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Coming Soon to Infinity: Spellpunk VR and AERY

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Now, more than ever, we all need something to look forward and mark on our calendars. Today, we’re bringing you our current roster of the games, apps and videos launching in your Infinity library in the next coming month, showing that good things are in store.

Check out the list below and make sure to check our social channels to keep up to date on all new releases.

Launching in April:

Spellpunk VR by Incineration Productions

Yer a wizard! Become an all-powerful magician in this stunning abstract world full of fast-paced magical duels. Cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with your hands to produce enchanting spells as you duel against friends or in ranked matches.

Ballavita by Amilux Film

A cinematic 360° VR-Film, Ballavita follows the story of Maria, a hot-headed tango dancer, through her dreams and nightmares. Created using newly developed cinematic techniques, live-action choreography is melded with beautifully designed worlds all in stereo 360°. Immerse yourself in this half-hour long fantasy film set in a rich stereoscopic world.

AERY by ExpiXR Games 

Chill out and forget your daily worries as you explore the world from the peaceful perspective of a curious little bird. Experience the calming feeling of flying and immerse yourself in the eight different atmospheric landscapes. With no predators to watch out for, just collect the feathers of other birds to unlock the next level in this relaxing experience.

 Blind Spot VR by Unlimited Fly Games

Waking up in a mansion, you’ll have to solve puzzles to proceed in this story-driven adventure game. With over 20 rooms filled with various puzzles, you’ll need to uncover the truth of what really happened in this grand mansion.

Bonus Round!:

We also have a couple of free titles launching on Viveport this upcoming month. You can download these complimentary titles from the Viveport storefront when they launch in April.

The Holy City by Blimey TV and Occupied VR

Garnering awards and selections on the international film festival circuit, The Holy City is an educational experience that explores the Holy sites of Jerusalem and the diverse culture that makes up the city. Rich in narratives and cultural history, this experience looks to celebrate diversity, nurture understanding, and foster open dialog.

Virus Popper by Starcade Arcade

 This educational VR Game teaches you all about viral infections and best practices in personal hygiene and social distancing. Start by learning proper handwashing technique, you’ll then continue your quest to sanitize the virus with an array of cleaning supplies as you learn to build up healthy habits.

Recently Launched: 

You might have missed this new title last month!

Vikubb by Samiri Games 

Kubb, a classic lawn game from the Vikings, is brought into VR with ViKubb! A multiplayer experience, you’ll get to challenge family and friends to a virtual game or even play ranked opponents. Hone your throwing skills with realistic and intuitive game physics as you play today!

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