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CM4 Nano review

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The device is available with optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – with an external screw-in antenna to boost the signal – and in several storage and RAM configurations.

On-board OS

The on-board eMMC storage (from 8GB to 32GB) is pre-installed with standard 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS and a BSP (board support package). It’s updatable in the usual ways (including Apt), but the OS can be re-flashed if you need a different version (such as 64-bit).

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With a rugged metal case, heatsink base, and external Wi-Fi antenna, CM4 Nano is designed for industrial settings

There’s also a microSD slot, purely for extra storage, although we found it tricky to insert the card without opening the case – ditto for the CSI (camera) and DSI (touchscreen) connections.

Once powered up, the unit boots up with the usual desktop GUI, although we needed to manually enable Wi-Fi in the taskbar. SSH is enabled by default, but you’ll want to change the password for the default ‘pi’ user for security reasons.

Apart from a slight hum, it all worked similarly to a Raspberry Pi 4. The CM4 Nano’s main advantage is that it’s more suited to industrial settings, with an improved ambient temperature range of -25 to 60°C.



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A CM4-based, ruggedised alternative to Raspberry Pi 4 with plenty of configuration options for your exact needs.


Features: CM4 with 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB eMMC storage; 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB RAM; optional Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Ports: 2 × USB 3.0, 1 × USB 2.0, 1 × USB-C, Ethernet, GPIO, CSI, DSI, PoE, 5 V output

Dimensions: 95 × 58 × 24 mm

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