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Climate Change Activists Create 3D Printed “No-Snow-Globes”

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Plan B, UK-based climate change activists, have partnered with the ad folks at Martin Agency to release quirky snow-less snow globes.

When they’re not busy attempting to sue the UK government for alleged inaction over climate change, activist group Plan B have taken to glum festive frippery with the release of “No-snow globes”.

A muddy, glib scene depicting the a chilling future affected by climate change, the snow globes are distinctive for the distinct lack of the very thing people want them for — snow.

Seen by the group as an opportunity to prompt discussion about meeting carbon targets, three no-snow-globes were produced. The group turned to advertising agency Martin London, who also shaped a campaign around the no-snow-globe message.


3D Printing a Depressing Decoration

Inspired by the recent rare snowfall in the UK, the no-snow globes are fabricated using an SLA 3D printer. Depicting three dour festive scenes, the figures were then hand-painted.

Speaking of the no-snow-globes, Director Tim Crosland of Plan B said “Not everyone wants to discuss the apocalypse at Christmas time! So this campaign has been designed as a playful and accessible way to get people talking about climate change over the festive season. We’re using it a bit like a Trojan Horse – smuggling in a dose of reality about the urgency of the situation – without putting people off their Brussel sprouts.

The no-snow-globes do not appear to be for sale (for the sake of maintaining festive cheer, probably a good thing), but there’s no denying the charm in portraying a warmer, snow-less future this way.



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