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Cheero Ingress Power Cube is a Futuristic 12,000mAh Power Bank!

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The Cheero Ingress Power Cube is not only the world’s first battery for Ingress agents – an augmented reality MMO game, but it’s also officially licensed by Niantic Labs. We’ve reviewed many power banks, but this 12,000mAh accessory not only looks cool, but can quickly and easily recharge your gadgets on-the-go. The first 8000-units will contain a special Ingress MOD card pack, consisting of: “Power Cube”, “ADA Refactor” and “Jarvis Virus” – install the MOD from your Ingress App or Intel Map. Currently, you can pick it up for the promotional price of $43.99 shipped (until June 7th), originally $55.00. Product page.


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