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Celebrate Our National Cat Obsession with the Cast of Super Lucky’s Tale

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November 7, the fabled launch date of Super Lucky’s Tale and the Xbox One X… but that’s not important right now, because it’s time to make room in your schedules and hearts for the age-old tradition of #NationalCatDay!

Um…wait a second. That was yesterday. Shoot. Let’s pretend like it’s today, shall we?

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If it were in fact National Cat Day, that momentous occasion uniting cat lovers across the country, we’d have some important things to say. Of all the platitudes that come to mind, two things rise to the top:

1. The internet sure loves cats.
2. For a game about a fox, Super Lucky’s Tale sure has a lot of speaking parts for cats.

Internet, meet the Kitty Litter.

Over the past week you may have seen some of the videos we created to introduce the comically mischievous, proudly feline antagonists of Super Lucky’s Tale to the world. For example, there’s Master Mittens, a ninja who takes himself a little too seriously. Tess is an inventor with a flair for blowing herself up. And don’t forget Lady Meowmalade, who was furious to hear her upcoming debut would only be in 4K at 60 frames a second (“Next time make it 8K!” she hissed).

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re on the internet, which means you must love cats, so in a sense these videos were made for you. Did I mention the lovable buffoons General Buttons and Colonel Fluffy? Or Jinx, the father of the litter who’s exasperated at his children’s laughable attempts to follow his nefarious orders? If you missed the video debuts of the Kitty Litter, you can watch ‘em all above.

We also love cats. Making Super Lucky’s Tale gave us the chance to not only create a fun, delightful platforming game that hearkened back to the classic mascot platformers we grew up with, but the opportunity to cartoonify cats into the mad geniuses they probably already are. We think their catty personality plays well off of Lucky’s innocent charm, but you’ll have to let us know what you think.

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So as we wait for Super Lucky’s Tale to debut on the Xbox One family of devices this November 7, we have just one question for you:

What would your cat’s supervillain name be?

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